Studio Policies

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South Boston Yoga Center for Health and Wellness, Inc (hereafter referred to as South Boston Yoga, or SBY) is a community dedicated to the teaching, study, support, evolution, and respect of the physical, academic, and experiential elements that are associated with the practice of the various paths of Yoga.

With the understanding that there are many aspects of a Yoga practice, the majority of our teaching is focused on developing and maintaining physical health and body awareness.

South Boston Yoga is fully insured with Health and Fitness Liability insurance, and our teachers and independent contracted bodyworkers are all appropriately certified and carry their own liability insurance as well.

Waivers South Boston Yoga requires all participants in any program on our premises to read and sign our liability waiver that addresses concerns with physical injuries, conditions, and health of the student. All students must acknowledge that despite the teachers' best efforts, as with any physical practice, sometimes injuries can occur.

Hands-On Assists As part of the traditional yoga asana instruction, hands-on assistance may be offered during class depending on the instructor. All assists are given with great compassion, knowledge of anatomy and experience, and are meant to inform and/or prevent injury. If assists are not wanted, please inform your instructor. We also have small plastic hearts at the front desk that you may place on your mat if you do not feel like receiving hands-on assists in class that day.

Lateness We understand the difficulty in commuting in a busy city, and it is SBY's policy to keep the studio doors open 10 minutes after the class or event has begun. Any admittance past that time is at the sole discretion of the teacher and management. Please, if you must be late or leave early, be respectful to the class and enter and leave as quietly as possible.

Attire Please dress appropriately for the class that you are attending. Complete opaque clothing with appropriate undergarments is required in all classes. A single-layer of undergarments, sheer materials or swimsuits alone are not appropriate. If you have concerns or questions, please contact the management at (617) 315-7448.

Strong Smells/Odors Because of the nature of group yoga classes, people moving and breathing together in a closed space, we ask that you refrain from using any strongly scented products, oils, perfumes, colognes and arrive to the studio clean.

Cellphones Cellphones, smart watches, ipads and any other personal electronic devices are prohibited from the studios EVEN BEFORE CLASS BEGINS. They must be left in the hall cubbies or lockers with your other belongings. Teachers and managers have the right to ask any student to leave the room/studio if he or she conflicts with this policy. Exceptions are made for on-call medical personel only, no other personal "emergencies" of any kind are acceptable as an exception. These devices are distracting to your fellow students, the instructor, and to you.

Drug and Alcohol Policies: South Boston Yoga is supportive and respectful of our full community, including those working on sobriety, recovery, and other aspects of personal health and wellness. We have a zero-tolerance policy in terms of alcohol and non-prescription drug use and intoxication on our premises, including all events and workshops. Please do your part in helping us maintain a safe space for everyone at our facility. For the safety of all, teachers and managers have the right to ask anyone to leave the premises if they suspect intoxication. **Prescribed marijuana use**: we understand that there are some legal and legitimate medical uses for marijuana, but if this use, even medically prescribed, alters your judgement, impairs your function, or effects the safety of the student or other students at all, then the individual may be asked to leave. No smoke, electronic cigarettes or vaping of any kind is allowed anywhere on the premises.

Class Pre-registration in regularly scheduled classes is available online for most classes but is not required. Pre-registration requires full payment at the time of registration. There is a 2 hour non-cancelation policy (pre-registration can only be canceled with refund 2 hours+ before the start of the class).

Refund Policy: Unless otherwise stated in the event or class description, all sales are final. There are no refunds or transfers on any purchases once the class, membership or event has begun barring health emergencies at the sole discretion of South Boston Yoga Center for Health and Wellness INC. Any refund allowed on a credit card purchase will have a minimum of $5 deduction for fees and handling. According to Massachusetts state law, full refunds can be given for purchases before the beginning of the event paid for. Once a membership has been activated or a class or event has begun, refunds are only at the sole discretion of SBY.

Membership Expirations Unless otherwise stated in the item description, all memberships expire 1 year after purchase date. Memberships must be activated within this 1 year window (depending on the length of the membership, once activated the membership may go beyond the 1 year). Late activation is at the sole discretion of South Boston Yoga.

Class Pass Customers: We have a minimal partnership with Class Pass, a third party app that allows students to register with multiple studios. We have a set maximum number of Class Pass customers who may take any one given class, and we cannot allow anyone to go over this number. If you cannot register for a given class, it is most likely full for Class Pass and you will need to pay for a regular drop in to attend. We also cannot alter your reservation: any changes or refunds must be made directly through Class Pass. We have no control over their reservation system beyond setting our limits, especially their cancelation fees. We are a small, independently owned studio and rely on our regularly priced classes to remain open. We get very little money from third party companies for your attendance, so please consider supporting local business and buying a membership directly with us. Our cancelation and expirations policies are MUCH more lenient than large third party companies.

Membership, Contract and Class Purchase Policies

If any of these policies are unclear, please feel free to contact the management at (617) 315-7448.