Information for New Students

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Welcome! We're thrilled that you are ready to start or continue your yoga practice with us at South Boston Yoga.

On your first visit to the studio, plan to arrive about 10 minutes early so you can fill out our new student waiver. We are spread over two floors with four studios and each floor has a front desk with a staff member ready to help you out. The schedule of classes with floor locations is posted outside the first floor door for reference. Once you become a member, you may pre-register for classes online, but this is not mandatory. We have a very large space with multiple classes. As long as you show up 10 minutes prior you should be all set.

There are full bathrooms on each floor, changing rooms, lockers (bring your own lock), and cubbies for all your belongings. We have all the yoga props you'll need (straps, blocks, bolsters, blankets) for your practice. We have mats and clean towels to rent. In addition, we have water filters to refill your own bottles or we have drinks for purchase.

We recommend wearing something loose and comfortable to class. However, be aware that you may be turning upside down at least a few times in class and that running shorts and gym shorts alone (especially for men) do not usually work well. Sweat pants and yoga clothing from a variety of local retailers all work very well.

Class levels and Descriptions: familiarize yourself with the description of the classes and the teachers beforehand, and if you have questions please feel free to call the studio and speak to a supervisor. Most of our classes are labeled "all levels", and we really mean this as each of these classes has a mix of a wide range of experience for the students. Each teacher has their own style, and you can read their own description of their teaching on the faculty page.

Brand New Beginners: Let the instructor know if you are brand new to yoga and they may provide you with modifications and advice to enhance your experience. While your instinct may be to place yourself in the front of the room, it's actually best to be more to the middle so you can see the students around you for visual clues and inspiration. Take it easy your first few classes. As with any new physical activity, it will take your body some time to get used to the new movements and positions, so be patient with yourself and allow your body to open safely. You do not have to be flexible to begin yoga. In fact, the less flexible you are, the more you will get out of class. If it is your very first time to yoga, please keep in mind that it is a group class and while the instructor will be watching out for you she/he will not be able to help you in every single posture. Give yourself space to rest and not expect yourself to be able to do everything your first time. It takes time to learn any new activity. Breathe, take rest when you need to, and enjoy the process!

If you have injuries, old surgeries, or any conditions (including pregnancy) or medication that could effect your practice, please consult your physician before beginning yoga. Definitely let your instructor know so he/she can keep an eye on you and offer modifications. Yoga can be a great tool to help rehabilitate injury, but some modifications may be necessary to keep the practice safe for you.

We urge you to plan ahead to arrive on time, however, we understand that traffic in the city can be unpredictable. 5-10 minutes late to class is usually not an issue. However, as a policy, the front doors lock 10-15 minutes into class. More than 10 minutes late is disruptive to the class experience, so it is up to the individual teacher to determine how late is "too late".

Our Hot Studio is kept at about 95F. We keep the other studios between 80-85F, but all our yoga classes will get your internal temperature up, so a towel and a bottle for water are a good idea to bring to class.

We can't wait to see you around the studio. Be prepared to move, stretch, and enjoy your class!

Please review the studio policies page for more information.